I. The Botany of the Afghan Delimitation Commission.


  • J. E. T. Aitchison M.D., C.I.E., P.B.S., P.J.S.

    1. Naturalist uttached to the Mission, and Secretary to the Surgeon-general, Her Majesty's Forces, Bengal.
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  • *I say probably, because, in consequence of expecting to have to return to India, the collection has been hurriedly and orily partially elaborated.

  • *It may be mentioned that Mr. FV. B. Hemsley has summarized Snlms and Müller's various articles on this subject in the ‘Gardener's Chronicle,’ n. s. xix. pp. 529 and 572, and xxv, p. 265, and in ‘Nature,’ xvii. p. 584.

  • *Ricerche sulla Natura del Caprifico e del Fico e sulla Caprificazione, 1845.

  • *Dr. H. G. Rcichenbach has kindly contributed the following rectification of the determination of one of my Kuram Orchids:-

  • Habenaraia Aitchisoni, Reichb. f., n. sp.; tuberidiis cylindraceis, foliis suboppositis transverse ellipticis, acutis, pedunculo longe exserto, distanter vaginato, Paginis triangulis acntis; raccmo densifloro, subsecundo, braeteis triangulis, acutis, unincrviis; ovaria pedicellata dimidia subzpantibus; sepalis tepalisquc rostrato-connivcntibus; scpalis triangulis, trinerviis, tepalis subaequæqualibus basi interna subangulatis; labelli tripartiti partitionibus linearibus acutis, lateralibus nune divaricatis, calcari filiformi apicem yersus ampliato, nune uncato, ovarinm pedicellatum non æquante; cruribus stigmaticis retnsis basi nune connatis.—“Habenaria bruehyp?Lylla, Lindl.,” Aitchison! in Journ. Liun. SOC. Bot. xix. p. 188. Flores belle virides: “bright green.” Cl. Aitchison cum magno gaudio dicata.

  • Darban valley, Kuram district, “in solo argillaceo sylvarum, alt. 7500 ped.,” Aitchison!

  • Specimina Kewensia ejusdem spcciei sequcntia Sikkim 10,000–11,000 ped., J. D. Hooker, no. 59 Herb. Ind. Or. (no. 303 MSS.) (qui plantam statu pulcherrimo sine dubio detexit). Lali valley above Budhi 10,000–11,000 ped., J. F. Duthie! Murree Himal. 7000 ped., Aitchison! Herb. Falconeri, no. 1036, Kew Distrib. sine loco.

  • Plantze duæ affines sunt.

  • Habenaria Brachyphylia, Reiehb. f.—Plutnnthera brachyphylla, Lindl. Orch. p. 293!; Wight, Icon. v. t. 1694! Habenaria crassifolia, A. Rich. in Ann. sc. Nat. sér. 2, vol. xv. p. 72, t. 3 c (1841). Recedit vaginis in caule crcbris, inflorescentia bene spirali, sepalis crassioribus brevioribus, latioribus, acutis, lateralibus revolutis, tepalis ellipticis uninerviis nervulo altero brevissimo nune addito, supra basin angulatis, labelli tripartiti, partitionibus abbreviatis, latioribus, oruribus stigmaticis minutis vere absconditis, caleari magis aquali recto descendente. Florcs dicti viridialbi, calcari viridi (flowers greenish white, spur green).

  • Specimina in herbariis Kewensibus numerosa. Typus Lindleyi (Gymnadenia brachyphylla, HB. Wight.), Nilgherries, Wight!, Perrottet! 1322, Katery Nilag.! Metz.! Ghats, near Toorneea in the Deccan, Aug. 1852, stocks! Khasia Hills, Lobb!

  • Similis praEterea huic plantæ est Habenaria vaginata, A. Rich. in Ann. SC. Nat. sér. 2, vol. xiv. p. 269, p. 17, II. (1840). HæC planta Abyssinica optime recedit tepalis magis lunatis, labelli partitionibus lateralibus divaricatis nec antrorsis, cruribus stigmaticis maximis retusis.

  • Reliquæ species foliis basiliaribus aunt hæ:—1. Habenuria platyphylla, Spreng. 2. Habenaria plantaginea, Lindl. 3. Habenaria rotundifolia, Lindl. (Hadenaria diphylla, Dalz. typica herb. Dalzell in herb. Kewensi).

  • 4. Habenaria sutteri, Reichb. in LinnRaE, vol. XXv. p. 229! (1852).—H. Jerdoniana, Wight, Icon. v. t. 1715 (1852). Nescio quid nomen prius fuerit divulgatum.—Platanthera canarensis, Lindl. MSS. in Hohenacker, Pl. Ind. Or. Canara, no. 142, and in Hook. & Thoms. Herb. Ind. Or.

  • 5. Hahenaria Josephi, Beichb. f., n. sp. Neottiam (Listeram) ludens, tuberidiis cylindraceo-ovoideis, foliis binis oppositis elliptico-acuminatis, racemo 2–4- floro, laxifloro, bracteis triangulo-lanceis oraria pedicellata non squantibus, ovario curvo, sepalo impari-fornicato triangulo, sepalis lateralibus oblongis acutis deflexis, tepalis triangulis antrorsum inferne angdatis, labelli partitionibus lateralibus setaceis, partitione mediana lineari-lancea, breviorc calcari filiformi apicem versus clavato, ovarium pedicellatum subæquante, cruribus stigmaticis abbreviatis. Sikkim 12,000–19,000 ped., J. D. Hooker, no. 42, Herb. Ind. Or. cui magno cum gaudio dicata. Plantula parva pauci-pollicaris.

  • 6. Habenaria Dregeana, Lindl., et species quædam ineditæ.

  • *I should mention here that the sced figured (Journ. Linn. Soc. xix. pl. 26. figs. 9–12) as that of Nunnorhops Ritchieana does not belong to that Palm, and there is some doubt as to what it is.

  • *I am indebted to Dr. O. Boeckeler for the determination of the species of this order.