Williamsonia nizhonia sp. nov., the first undoubted bennettitalean flower known from the Chinle Formation of Upper Triassic age in the south - western United States, is described in detail. The species is based on a single vertically compressed specimen collected from the Lower Red Member of the Chinle Formation near Fort Wingate in west-central New Mexico. It is rather small, the gynoecium is about 5 mm in diameter and is surrounded by a whorl often persistent sterile bracts about 1–5 cm long. The cuticles of the bracts and interseminal scales are 1 to 2 u thick. Stomata are only slightly sunken on the cuticles of the bracts and interseminal scales. Only a few hairs occur on the bracts. Williamsonia nizhonia cannot be attributed with any degree of confidence to either of the two bennettitalean leaves presently known in the Chinle flora.