Application of the names Crataegus calycina Peterm. and C. oxyacantha L.



Authentic herbarium material of Crataegus calycina Petermann (1849) supports Hrabetová-Uhrová's contention in 1969 that this is conspecific with C. macrocarpa Hegetschweiler; the name C. calycina, for which a Petermann specimen in Musée Botanique Cantonal, Lausanne is designated as lectotype, had been incorrectly applied in Flora Europaea.

Examination of the specimens in the Linnaean Herbarium has led to acceptance of Dandy's proposal in 1946 that sheet 643.12 should be designated as the lectotype of C. oxyacantha L. (1753). This specimen is not, as frequently assumed, C. laevigata (Poiret) DC. (C oxyacanthoides Thuill.) but the species described in Flora Europaea as “C. calycina Peterm. subsp. curvisepala (Lindman) Franco”. It is suggested that the name C. oxyacantha L. is a source of confusion and should be rejected under Article 69 of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. This gives priority to the name C. curvisepala Lindman, which should replace C. calycina Peterm. in Flora Europaea.