Ontogeny of the stomata in Gnetum ula Brongn.



The stomata in Gnetum ula Brongn. occur in large numbers on the abaxial surface of the leaves and are orientated in various directions. A few were seen in some preparations on the adaxial surface also, especially in the region of the midrib.

Stomatal development follows the syndetocheilic type of Florin. According to the terminology of ontogenetic types suggested by Pant, they may be described as mesogenous dolabrate; they are mesoparacytic (rubiaceous) and amphicyclic. In this respect, and in several details, the present findings support the observations of Takeda, and differ rather widely from those of Maheshwari & Vasil.

Twin stomata were also met with frequently, as well as several stomata lying together contiguously. The structural features of these are described and commented upon briefly in the paper.