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A revised system of classification of the angiosperms



A new system of classification of the angiosperms is presented. Like that of Dahlgren, 1975, it is shown as a two-dimensional diagram or frame-work, but differs in numerous major and minor features. In the new classification the angiosperms represent a class divisible into two subclasses corresponding to the di- and monocotyledons. The dicotyledons are divided into 24 ruperorders, viz. the Magnoliiflorae, Nymphaeiflorae, Ranunculiflorae, Caryophylliflorae, Polygoniflorae, Malviflorae, Violiflorae, Theiflorae, Primuliflorae, Rosiflorae, Podostemoniflorae, Fabiflorae, Proteiflorae, Myrtiflorae, Rutiflorae, Santaliflorae, Balanophoriflorae, Araliiflorae, Asteriflorae, Solanifloirae, Corniflorae, Loasiflorae, Gentianiflorae and Lamiiflorae, while the monocotyledons are divided into reven superorders, the Alismatiflorae, Ariflorae, Triuridiflorae. Liliiflorae, Zingiberiflorae, Commeliniflorae and Areciflorae. The higher categories are not defined here, but some general features in the classification are mentioned, and the distribution of some attributes is shown in the diagram.