• chromosome numbers;
  • conservation;
  • distribution;
  • endemism;
  • karyology;
  • polyploidy;
  • taxonomy

The genus Bellevalia is represented in Greece by eight taxa, three of which are endemic. Bellevalia brevipedicellata (2n = 8) and B. sitiaca (2n = 16) are restricted to the island of Kriti, while B. hyacinthoides (2n = 8, 12) is distributed in the Kiklades Islands, the central and southern mainland and the Ionian Islands. Four taxa, i.e. B. dubia subsp. boissieri (2n = 8), B. trifoliata (2n = 8), B. romana (2n = 8) and B. ciliata (2n = 8, 16) are Mediterranean elements. The presence of B. edirnensis (2n = 24) is reported as new for the Greek flora. New ploidy levels of three Bellevalia species (triplo-, tetra- and hexaploids) are reported for the first time. The main morphological features, the chromosome numbers, the karyotype morphology, as well as the geographical distribution and further issues of taxonomy and conservation of all Bellevalia taxa in Greece are presented and discussed. © 2008 The Linnean Society of London, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 2008, 157, 723–739.