A spectacular new species of Nepenthes L. (Nepenthaceae) pitcher plant from central Palawan, Philippines


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A new species of Nepenthes L., N. attenboroughii (Nepenthaceae), from Palawan Island in the Philippines, is described and illustrated. It is restricted to rocky, ultramafic soils that comprise the summit region of Mount Victoria, Municipality of Narra, where it occurs in isolation from other members of the genus. On the basis of the morphological features, this new taxon appears to be related to both N. mira Jebb & Cheek of Palawan and N. rajah Hook.f. of Borneo. Its substantial size places it among the largest of known pitcher plants. The diagnostic morphological characters are discussed and an updated key is provided for a revised complex of Nepenthes species from the Palawan and North Borneo phytogeographical region. © 2009 The Linnean Society of London, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 2009, 159, 195–202.