The movements of brown trout, Salmo trutta (L.) in Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland



Juvenile trout enter Loch Leven during autumn and winter from the nursery streams, spend their adolescent phase offshore until reaching a length of 0.30 cm, and then move to the littoral areas in early summer. There are two types of littoral area:‘favourable‘areas from which movement of individual fish in the summer is very restricted, and‘unfavourable‘areas used briefly in early summer from which movement away is pronounced. Trout are absent from the littoral areas in winter. In subsequent summers homing to previous feeding areas is characteristic of fish from‘favourable’areas, with a tendency for older fish to move to the south east area of the loch. Spawning runs occur simultaneously into the main inflows, chiefly between October and December. Emigration into the outflow occurs, but is probably unimportant.