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'Siamese-twins’ in Sarotherodon mossambicus


  • Note added in proof Another case of ‘Siamese twins’ was recently found in a batch of female Tilapia hornorum x male Tilapia nilotica fry.


Tilapia mossambica (Sarotherodon mossambicus (Trewavas, 1973)) a female mouthbreeding cichlid, Fryer & Iles (1972), has recently been introduced to the Fish and Aquaculture Research Station, Dor, from South Africa. They were found to spawn freely in aquaria. Females carrying eggs in their mouth are routinely transferred to small containers, and when the fry are released they are separated from their mothers.

In one batch of 209 fry we found two fry connected at their ventral part to the same yolk sack. These' Siamese-twins' survived for 8 days in an aerated glass jar. During this period the yolk sack was absorbed and they became connected at their abdomens. (Plate I). Similar cases were previously noted in sharks, trout, Salmonidae spp., guppy, Poecilia sp. and Haplochromis sp. (Reichenbach-Klinke & Elkan (1972) and Reichenbach-Klinke (1972)).

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