Comparative tissue ascorbic acid studies in fishes



Comparative tissue ascorbic acid levels in four species of major carp viz., Labeo rohila, L. calbasu, Cirrhina tnrigala and Catla catla, were investigated. The ascorbic acid level was found to be the highest in the spleen in the four species studied (range 430–380 μg/g) followed by the anterior (adrenal) kidney, gonads, liver, renal kidney, brain and/or eye. Heart and blood had the lowest levels (range 26–18 μg/ml) amongst the tissues studied. Overall tissue ascorbic acid levels were the highest in L. rohita and the lowest in C. mrigala. Investigation on seasonal variations in blood and kidney ascorbic acid levels of Notopterus notopterus revealed peak levels in spring (February-April) and the lowest levels in the postspawning period (August-September).