Salinity tolerance of the mosquito fish, Gambusia affinis (Baird and Girard)



Experiments were conducted to determine the adaptability of mosquito fish to various salt concentrations. Mosquito fish, Gambusia affinis, (total length (T.L.) 27–37 mm) were subjected to abrupt and gradual changes from fresh water to various salinities (S). Low mortality (10%) occurred when the fish were transferred from fresh water (S = 0·5‰) to 50% sea water (S = 19·5‰ Through gradual adaptation 65·0% of the fish were able to tolerate 100% sea water for 7 days. After a 7 -day stay in sea water, fish were readapted to fresh water during a 3-h period. The results indicate that they were well able to tolerate the abrupt change. Through a gradual adaptation fish were also able to tolerate salinities ranging from 39·0‰ (100% sea water) to 58·8‰