Five species of whiting (Sillaginidae) inhabit Moreton Bay. The school whiting, Sillago bassensis, and stout whiting, S. robusta, are rare, caught occasionally by trawlers in areas of sandy substrates. The sand whiting, S. ciliata, golden-lined whiting, S. analis, and trumpeter whiting, S. maculata, are very common throughout the year. Sillago maculata is distributed almost throughout Moreton Bay, from 1 to 30 m depth. Sillago ciliata and S. analis are shallow water dwellers, from the shoreline to 3 m and 5 m depth, respectively. In the shallow waters, S. ciliata prefers the sandy substrates and S. analis the mud-sandy substrates. Distributions related to the depth, habitat preference, juvenile-adult grounds, food availability, interspecific competition, and winter season are discussed.