Effect of individual and group rearing on age and size at maturity of male mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis


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Age and size at sexual maturity were significantly greater for male mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis Baird and Girard, reared in sib-groups than for their sibs reared individually. Age at sexual maturity averaged 43.3 and 62.1 days for individually- and group-reared males, respectively, a 43% difference; final length and weight at maturity were 7.7 and 34.2% greater, respectively, for group-reared males than for their individually-reared sibs. The results were consistent among 30 families that represented the progeny of 30 wild-caught females. The observed differences may be attributable to behavioural interactions affecting the neuroendocrine control of the maturation process, as suggested by previous studies of Xiphophorus.