• reproduction;
  • spawning;
  • north-east Atlantic

The reproductive biology of roundnose grenadier Coryphaenoides rupestris was investigated against a background of increasing commercial exploitation. Samples were taken from surveys carried out in Rockall Trough between 1993 and 1995. An eight-point maturity scale was developed based on both visual inspection of the ovaries and histological screening. The various stages of development of roundnose grenadier oocytes were described and the relative proportion of oocyte types and their respective size range in each maturity stage were investigated. The dynamic organization of the ovary indicated a determinate maturation cycle in this species. Population spawning appears to be prolonged, extending from July to at least November. However, data were insufficient to clarify individual spawning duration. The potential fecundity of 29 mature fish ranged from 11 083-55 175 (63-95 cm total length). The results were very similar to previous values from the North Atlantic. The reproductive strategy of the roundnose grenadier is discussed in the light of the current commercial exploitation of the Species.