• Fistularia commersonii;
  • Italy;
  • Lessepsian migration;
  • Mediterranean Sea;
  • parasites

One adult female bluespotted cornetfish Fistularia commersonii was captured near the coast of Arbatax (Sardinia, Italy) in late October 2005. Macroscopic and microscopic analysis of the gonad revealed a postspawning ovary. Several body parts of the damselfish Chromis chromis were found in its stomach contents. Different developmental stages of 58 metazoan parasites belonging to Arthropoda, Nematoda and Platyhelminthes were detected in its mouth and digestive tract. The lepocreadiid Allolepidapedon fistulariae was reported for the first time from the Mediterranean and, with the exception of this species, all the parasites found were reported for the first time in this host. This new record of F. commersonii may confirm the rapid range expansion of this Lessepsian migrant in the western Mediterranean Sea, as well as the presence of its endoparasite A. fistulariae.