• cytochrome b;
  • cytochrome c oxidase 1;
  • marine fish;
  • mtDNA

Two regions of mtDNA, cytochrome b and cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1, were sequenced in nine species of Bathyraja from the Southern Ocean and New Zealand. Based on sequence divergence, the species that has been referred to as Bathyraja eatonii from the Antarctic continental shelf and slope is a species distinct from B. eatonii from the Kerguelen Plateau (the type locality) and is a new and undescribed species Bathyraja sp. (cf. eatonii). There was no sequence divergence among samples of Bathyraja sp. (dwarf) from the Ross Sea and the South Atlantic. However, for both Bathyraja sp. (cf. eatonii) and Bathyraja maccaini in the Ross Sea and the South Atlantic Ocean, the DNA sequence divergences indicate differentiation among ocean basins and within Bathyraja sp. (cf. eatonii) divergences are similar to those among recognized species of Bathyraja in the North Pacific Ocean.