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  1. Interactions between gnathiid isopods, cleaner fish and other fishes on Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef Volume 73, Issue 9, 2094–2109, Article first published online: 11 December 2008

Grutter, A. S. (2008). Interactions between gnathiid isopods, cleaner fish and other fishes on Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef. Journal of Fish Biology73, 2094–2109.

 In the above paper, Table 1 was reproduced incorrectly. The corrected table is reproduced below.

Table I.  Emerging gnathiids per reef area and per fish on reef, and per cent of cleaner fish diet available from emerging gnathiids per reef
Reef(see map in Grutter, 1996b)Reef area (m2)Mean emerging gnathiids m−2 per reefTotal emerging gnathiids per reefFish abundance per reef (Grutter, 1997a)Emerging gnathiids per fishAdult cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus per reef (Grutter, 1997a)Total number of gnathiids eaten by all adult cleaner fish per reef per day (Grutter, 1996a)Per cent of gnathiids emerging during the day per reefPer cent of daily cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus diet available from total emerging gnathiids per reef during the day
January 2001January 2001October 1993January 2001October 1992 to January 1993
  • NA, fishes were not counted as the reef was too large and complex to count them accurately.

  • a

    Excluding pomacentrid fishes.

1512534·2 ± 6·94271 ± 856655 (114a)6·5 ± 1·3 (37·5 ± 2·6a)33654 ± 35451·5 ± 4·260
169145·6 ± 13·24151 ± 11971254 (965a)3·3 ± 1·0 (4·3 ± 1·2a)22436 ± 23657·9 ± 4·899
711545·3 ± 14·45203 ± 1656NA56090 ± 59048·0 ± 7·241
Overall Mean ±s.e.41·7 ± 6·94552 ± 26324·9 ± 0·8 (20·9 ± 3·8a)67 ± 17

 Also, please note that in the abstract the text should read:

 The abundance of emerging gnathiids per patch reef was 67 ± 17% of the number of gnathiids that all adult L. dimidiatus per reef eat daily while engaged in cleaning behaviour.

 In the Discussion section the text should read: The number of gnathiids emerging per patch reef during the day, and thus potentially available to L. dimidiatus, was 67 ± 17% of the total number of gnathiids that adults ate each day.

 When pomacentrids were excluded, the number of emerging gnathiids per fish (20·9 ± 3·8 gnathiids fish−1 day−1) was 4·3 times higher.

 Thus, the numbers of gnathiids emerging per fish (4·9 ± 0·8 gnathiids day−1), particularly if they involve the larger gnathiid stages, may be sufficient to kill some young fish recruits and juveniles.