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TABLE S1. Haplotype frequencies for concatenated CR + cytb sequences in Hippocampus hippocampus populations across Europe. For site and region codes, see Table I and Fig. 1. Unique haplotypes (observed for only one individual) are pooled.

TABLE S2. Genetic differentiation between Hippocampus hippocampus populations: pair-wise FST (below the diagonal) and exact test probability (above the diagonal) for regions (see Table I) on single region sequences (a) control region, (b) cytochrome b. Values significantly greater than zero are indicated with asterisks (&ast;P < 0·05, &ast;&ast;P < 0·01 and &ast;&ast;&ast;P < 0·001), and when still significant with Bonferroni correction (P < 0·001) values are in bold.

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