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Fig. S1. Proportion of positive tows by 50 m depth bin (each bin comprises 50 m from the given x-axis label).

Fig. S2. Proportion of male Hydrolagus colliei by depth. Regression lines are shown for each degree of latitude, but raw data are not shown for the sake of clarity.

Fig. S3. Length-frequencies by depth for male and female Hydrolagus colliei between the latitudes of (a) 39·5–48·5° N, (b) 36·5–39·5° N, (c) 34·5–36·5° N and (d) 32·6–34·5° N.

Fig. S4. Mean size of Hydrolagus colliei collected each year of the AFSC survey on the (a) slope, (b) northern shelf and upper slope and (c) southern shelf and upper slope. Mean mass was calculated per haul as the total mass divided by the total number of individuals, averaged within years. Error bars represent S.E.

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