First record of the gobiid fish Aulopareia ocellata (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from Qeshm Island, The Gulf, with discussion of its generic placement


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The poorly known gobiid fish species Aulopareia ocellata is recorded for the first time from the intertidal zone of north-east Qeshm Island, The Gulf, Iran. The species has been referred to previously as Parachaeturichthys ocellatus, but here is placed in Aulopareia, pending a revision of the genus. The morphological features of A. ocellata are described and compared with congeners and brief comparisons of the genera Aulopareia and Parachaeturichthys are provided. A full description of the species is given, with illustration of the sensory papillae and head-pore pattern. This species has previously been recorded from India (Mumbai) and Pakistan (Karachi).