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Table SI. Characteristics of the source lakes and the Salvelinus alpinus populations inhabiting them.

Table SII. (a) Biomass (g m−3dry mass) of the zooplankton genera found in the nine mixed samples collected at the study site and (b) density of zoobenthos [n m−2; format: mean (−1 s.e., +1 s.e.)] in the experimental enclosures (E1–E8) at the beginning and end of the experiment. See main text for details on grouping of bottom animals.

Table SIII. Diet composition (first seven rows; mean % dry mass) and prey size [last row; mg dry mass; format: mean (−1 s.e., +1 s.e.)] of S. alpinus and S. trutta in the experimental enclosures (E1–E8). See main text for details on prey groups.

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