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Empirical standard mass equation for Salmo marmoratus


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Total length (LT) (range 24–1000 mm; mean ±s.e. = 170·21 ± 0·36 mm) and mass (W) (range 0·10–9590 g; mean ±s.e. = 76·03 ± 0·87 g) of 36 460 specimens of marble trout Salmo marmoratus were used to compute a standard mass (Ws) equation for this species by means of the empirical percentile (EmP) method. The EmP Ws equation calculated was: log10Ws = −5·208 + 3·202 log10LT− 0·046 (log10LT)2 (LT range 90–570 mm) and it is valid throughout the species' area of distribution across Europe.

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