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Table SI. Sampling of Antarctic silverfish in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. BEN, benthic sampling using rough-bottom orange roughy trawl (mouth width 25 m; headline height 6 m; 40 mm mesh cod-end liner) towed for 20 min at c. 3 knots; OBL, oblique midwater trawl using NIWA fine-mesh (10 mm) midwater trawl (O’Driscoll et al., 2011) towed obliquely from about 50 m above the seabed or 1000 m (whichever was shallower) to the surface at a speed of about 3 knots horizontal and 20 m min−1 vertical; TMT, targeted midwater trawl using same midwater trawl towed for 20–30 min at 3–4 knots on acoustic mark. ‘Median LS’ is the median standard length (LS, mm) of silverfish in the catch not the sub-sample used in this study. See Table SII, Supporting information, for explanation of other variables

Table SII. Candidate predictor variables for explaining stomach contents and isotope composition of Antarctic silverfish. &ast;Six values of the Temp predictor were substantially different from all others (0·2° C compared to <−0·9° C). These all occurred at one northern site, station 149, and were too few to include as a separate Temp bin. Silverfish standard length is denoted as LS (mm)

Table SIII. Stomach contents of silverfish in the Ross Sea, results of the DistLM analysis marginal models, showing the best sequential model chosen using AICc and BIC criteria with fewer than three predictors, as described in the text. Silverfish standard length is denoted as LS (mm). Significance codes: 0 ‘&ast;&ast;&ast;’, P < 0·001

Table SIV. Dependence of tissue stable-isotope composition on fish characteristics, environmental conditions, prey availability and individual preference shown by GLM (general linear model) analysis. Silverfish standard length is denoted as LS (mm). Latitude (δ) and longitude (λ) are in degrees. Significance codes: 0 ‘&ast;&ast;&ast;’, P < 0·001 ‘&ast;&ast;’, P < 0·01 ‘&ast;’, P < 0·05 ‘.’ P > 0·05

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