Book reviewed in this article:

Aspects of the history of wooden shipbuilding. Edited by J. S. Morrison,. Ole Crumlin-Pedersen & G. VAN DER HEIDE

Science and civilisation in China. Vol. 4: Physics and physical technology. Part 3: Civil engineering and nautics. Joseph Needham, with the collaboration Wang Ling and Lu Gwei-Djen

The number ones. Robert J. Wilson

Fenland barge traffic. John K. Wilson

The RA expeditions. Thor Heyerdahl

Roar Linde 71—Hjortspringbåden som kulturaktivitet: (Roar Linde 71—The Hjortspring boat as a cultural activity). Harry Kahl,. Ingelise Nielsen,. Finn Terp & Peter Veje

The emergence of civilization. The Cyclades and the Aegean in the third millenium BC. Colin Renfrew

No star at the Pole. A history of navigation from the Stone Age to the 20th century. David & Joan Hay

The haven-finding art. A history of navigation from Odysseus to Captain Cook. E. G. R. Taylor

The Mortar wreck in Mellieha Bay. Honor Frost

Essai de classification des amphores décou-vertes lors de fouilles sous-marines. J.-P. Joncheray

Portus. Illustrazione dei porti di Claudio e Traiano e della citta, di porto a Fiumicino. Otello Testaguzza

The conservation of waterlogged wood in the National Museum of Denmark. B. Brorson Christensen

Shipwrecks around Britain. A diver's guide. Leo Zanelli

More than skin deep. Kendall MacDonald