Book reviewed in this article:

Helleristninger i Danmark (Rock carvings in Denmark): Jutland Arch. Soc. Publication VII. P. V. Glob

Halloristningar Svenneby socken (Rock carvings from Svenneby parish, County of Bohuslän): Gothenburg and Bohuslän Antiquarian Society. Studies in North European Archaeology 7. J. Nordbladh & J. Rosvall, Eds. Å. Fredsjö

Die Felsbilder Nubiens. Monographien und Documentationen: Die Afrikanischer Felsbilder Walther F. E. Resch

The Scandinavian Joint Expedition to Sudanese Nubia. Vol. 1. The rock drawings, including results of Gordon Memorial College Expedition to Akba Pontus Hellsiröm & Hans Langballe

Les Épaves antiques du Sud de la Corse: [The ancient wrecks of South Corsica] W. Bebko

Recherches sur les amphores romaines: [Research on Roman amphoras] A. J. Parker

Late Roman pottery: A catalogue of Roman fine wares J. W. Hayes

Treasures of the Armada Robert Sténuit

Wasa 1628: Ritning: Drawing: Plan: Leichnung P. Lundström & L. A. Kvarning

Schepen van de Nederlanden (Ships of the Netherlands); van de late Middeleeuwen tot het einde van de 17e eeuw (from the late Middle Ages to the end of the 17th century) J. VAN BEYLEN

The quest for America G. Ashe

Shipwrecks of the western hemisphere 1492–1825 Robert F. Marx

Cities in the sea. An exploration of ancient cities beneath the Mediterranean Nicholas C. Flemming

A history of seafaring based on underwater archaeology George Bass

Diving for sunken treasure Jacques-Yves Cousteau aand Philippe Diolé