Book reviewed in this article:

The funerary boats of Khufu. Abdel Moneim Abubakr & Ahmed Youssef Mustafa

Schiffsmodelle in Alten Ägypten. Arvid Gottlicher & Walter Werner

Three major ancient boat finds in Britain. H. Hazelhoff Roelfzema

Britain and the western seaways. E. G. Bowen

Clenched lap or clinker. Eric McKee

Gunpowder and galleys. Changing technology and Mediterranean warfare at sea in the sixteenth century. John Francis Guilmartin, Jr

The sloops of the Hudson. William E. Veerplanck & Moses W. Collyer

History of New York shipyards. John H. Morrison

Windjammers of the Horn. A. G. Course

The Lusitania case Collected by C. L. Droste. W. H. Tatum IV (Ed.)

America's lighthouses: their illustrated history since 1716. Francis Ross Holland, Jr

A history of lighthouses. Patrick Beaver

Marine archaeology. D. J. Blackman (Ed.)

The conservation of antiquities and works of art Treatment, repair and restoration. H. J. Plenderleith & A. E. A. Werner