Book reviewed in this article:

Fdünittelalterliche Handelsschiffahrt in Mittel- und Nordeuropa. DETLEV ELLMERS

An illustrated history of small boats. A history of oared, poled and paddled craft. PERCY BLANDFORD

Inshore fishing craft of the Southern Baltic from Holstein to Curonia. WOLFGANG RUDOLPH

Schiffe auf Siegeln. HERBERT EWE

Das Schiff auf Siegeln des Mittelalters und der beginnenden Neuzeit. HEINO WIECHELL

A history of marine navigation. W. E. MAY, with a chapter on modern developments by L. A. HOLDER

Unknown shipwrecks around Britain. LEO ZANELLI

East coast shipwrecks. C. R. TEMPLE

Encyclopedia of American Shipwrecks. BRUCE D. BERMAN

Der römische Leuchttum von La Coruña. SIEGFRIED HUTTER