Book reviewed in this article:

Early man and the ocean. THOR HEYERDAHL

L'épave romaine de la Madrague de Giens (Var). Campagnes 1972–5. Fouilles de l'Institut d'archéologie mediterranéene. A. TCHERNIA, P. POMEY and A. HESNARD (with 11 other contributors)

The Hardanger Faering. OWEN H. WICKSTEED

The treasure divers. KENDALL McDONALD

Henry VIII and the development of coastal defence. B. M. MORLEY

Colloque sur l'alteration du Bois. C. W. GREGSON

Conservation of waterlogged wood and wet leather. BRUNO MÜHLETHALER

Problems of the conservation of waterlogged wood. W. A. ODDY (Ed.)