Book reviewed in this article:

How we found the Mary Rose. ALEXANDER McKEE

The Mary Rose, the excavation and raising of Henry VIII's flagship. MARGARET RULE

The story of the Mary Rose. ERNLE BRADFORD

Stone anchors in antiquity: coastal settlement and maritime trade routes in the Eastern Mediterranean ca. 1600-1050 B. C. DAN E. McCASLIN

In search of Spanish treasure: a diver's story. SYDNEY WIGNALL

Protection of the underwater heritage. Technical handbooks for museums and monuments 4. UNESCO

The past afloat. ANTHONY BURTON

The Breadalbane adventure. JOE MACINNES

Rassegna di archaeologia subacquea. Cataloghi del Museo Archaeologico Provinciate‘F. Ribezzo’du Brindisi. Richerche e Studi