Book reviewed in this article:

Research, international law and the sea in man's future

La galeota ?Arle. Le capture ?une galere catalane en Camargue en 1469. PHILIPPE RIGAUD

Ľépave étrusque ?Antibes et le commerce en Méditerranée occidentale au Vie siècle av. J.-C. BERNARD BOULOUMIÉ

Yassi Ada I. A seventh-century Byzantine shipwreck. GEORGE F. BASS and FREDERIC H. VAN DOORNINCK

Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves. P. M. MASTERS and N. C. FLEMMING (Eds)

Middle English sea terms, standing and running rigging, volume 3. BERTIL SANDAHL

The navy of the Lancastrian kings. SUSAN ROSE (Ed.)