Book reviewed in this article:

European naval and maritime history, 300–1500 ARCHIBALD R. LEWIS AND TIMOTHY J. RUNYAN

Amphorae and the Roman economy: an introductory guide D. P. S. PEACOCK AND D. F. WILLIAMS

La production des amphores en Gaule Narbonnaire FANETTE LAUBENHEIMER

Dictionary of ship types ALFRED DUDZUS AND ERNEST HENRIOT; KEITH THOMAS, translator

The grain races—the Baltic background BASIL GREENHILL AND JOHN HACKMAN

The Sea Peoples N. K. SANDARS Revised paperback edition

The golden wreck—the tragedy of the Royal harter ALEXANDER McKEE

The Tobermory Treasure ALISON McLEAY

The China Bird: Killick Martin & Co DAVID MacGREGOR

The Ports of Roman Baetica: a study of provincial harbours and their functions from an historical and archaeology perspective SHERILL LYNN SPAAR