Book reviewed in this article:

Versunkene Welten. Schiffe und Stadte auf dem Meeresgrund. Die Archaologie unter Wasser. GABRIELLE HOFFMAN

Mare nostrum. MICHEL REDDE

The Roman Quay at St Magnus House, London: Excavations at New Fresh Wharf, Lower Thames Street, London 1974–78. LOUISE MILLER, JOHN SCHOFIELD and. MICHAEL RHODES; edited byTONY DYSON


Discoveries. Compiled by HUGH CHAPMAN

Old docks (Shire Album 199). NANCY RITCHIE-NOAKES

Liverpool's historic waterfront. NANCY RITCHIE-NOAKES

Historic architecture of the Royal Navy. JONATHON COAD

The medieval Utrecht boat (BAR S383). ROBERTVLEK

Nautica Talmudica. DANIEL SPERBER

Willem de Vlamingh's explorations of Australia, 1696–1697. W. C. H. ROBERT

Australia unveiled. The share of the Dutch navigators in the discovery of Australia. G. G. SCHILDER

De Ontdekkingsreis van Willem Hesselsz. de Vlamingh in de Jaren 1696–169. G.G.SCHILDER

The voyage to the Great South Land, Willem de Vlamingh 1696–1697. G. G. SHILDER

The Royal Navy's first Invincible 1744-1758 The ship, the wreck and the recovery. BRIAN LAVERY

Historic ships. M. K. STAMMERS

Stratégies maritimes et économie. PAUL ADAM

The construction and fitting of the sailing man of war 1650–1850. PETER GOODWIN

The arming and fitting of English ships of war 1600–1815. BRIAN LAVERY

The 100-gun ship Victory. JOHN McKAY

King Herod's dream, Caesarea on the Sea. ROBERT J. BULL, AVNER RABAN, KENNETH G. HOLUM and. ROBERT L. HOHLFLENDER

Iron ships and steam shipwrecks (papers from the first Australian seminar on the management of iron vessels and shipwrecks). M. McCARTHY (ed.)

From merciless invaders—the defeat of the Spanish Armada (revised edition). A. McKEE

The campaign of the Spanish Armada. PETER KEMP