Summary. Drawing upon extensive study of HEIC ships lost around the world, this contribution reviewed losses by sea area. Starting with UK shipwrecks and territorial waters, the survey included in the Thames Estuary the Albion, Hindostan, the loss of the Mars and Walpole near Margate; the Admiral Gardner and Britannia on the Goodwins (in the same convoy); Henry Addington, Earl of Abergavenny and Albemarle on the south coast, and four in the Isles of Scilly, finishing with strays in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary.

An estimated 200–220 vessels were lost during the operation of the English East India Company. By comparison there were approximately 246 VOC ships wrecked around the world. Of these 27 sank in UK waters; six were lost on the Goodwin Sands (three part of the same convoy), and two in Plymouth Sound. A detailed paper is in preparation.