Book reviewed in this article:

Slusegirdgravpladsen III. Gravformer og gravskikke, Bådgravene. SØREN H. ANDERSEN, BIRGIT LIND and OLE CRUMLIN-PEDERSEN

Underwater Archaeology: Proceedings from the SHA conference, Richmond, Virginia, 1991. JOHN BROADWATER (Ed.)

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The Bomb Ketch Salamandre 1752. J. BOUDRIOT and H. BERTI

Tugs and Towage (Shire Album 239). M. K. STAMMERS

Steamboats (Shire Album 167). M. K. STAMMERS

Outrigger Canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia. ADRIAN HORRIDGE

Ampbor—omment les identifier?. MARTINE SCIALLANO and PATRICIA SIBELLA

L'Amphore—vase antique aux mille usages. JEAN-CLAUDE PERRIER

Second Merseyside Maritime History (Transactions & Research). H. M. HIGNETT

Le Maidsfone—miroir d'une mémoire. BERNARD and MIREILLE DE MAISONNEUVE