Book reviewed in this article:

Les Sorres X: Un Vaixell Medieval al Canal Olímpic de Rem (Castelldefels, Baix Llobregat) XIM RAURICH, MARCEL PUJOL et al.

Catchers and Corvettes: the Steam Whalecatcher in Peace & War, 1860–1960 JOHN H HARLAND

HMS Sirius 1790. An Illustrated Catalogue of Artefacts Recovered from the Wreck-Site at Norfolk Island MYRA STANBURY

Beneath the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem: The Archaeology and Early History of Traditional Golgotha. Palestine Exploration Fund Monograph Series Maior 1. SHIMON GIBSON and JOAN E. TAYLOR

The Heavy Frigate: Volume 1, Eighteen-Pounder Frigates 1778–1800 ROBERT GARDINER

Viking Voyages to North America B. L. CLAUSEN (Ed.)

Deutsches Schiffahrtsarchiv 16—1993 U. SCHNALL and U. FELDCAMP (Eds)

The Ivory Sundials of Nuremberg 1500–1700 PENELOPE GOUK

Muddy Waters—Proceedings of the First Conference on the Submerged and Terrestrial Archaeology of Historic Shipping on the River Murray SARAH KENDERDINE (Ed.)

Die Schiffswerft von Henry Koch AG HEINZ HAAKER