Managing the maritime heritage: the National Maritime Archaeological Museum and National Centre for Underwater Research, Cartagena, Spain


  • Iván Negueruela

    1. Museo Nacional de Arqueologia Maritima y Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Arqueologicas Submarinas, Apartado de Correos 72, 30280 Cartagena, Spain
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The rapid developmental work of the Museum-Centre and its policies within a limited budget are set in the context of world-wide problems of management and preservation of the underwater heritage in the face of accelerating threats to its survival. The impact of engineering projects and lack of official control or supervision of developer-funded maritime archaeological interventions is something of which governments are insufficiently aware. The construction of a marina at Mazarron has resulted in progressive denudation of the bay, exposure of two Phoenician wrecks and thousands of Phoenician potsherds, necessitating the annual resurvey of 70,000 m2 of seabed. Among protective measures an iron ‘strongbox’ has been designed and successfully used on small wreck-sites. © 2000 The Nautical Archaeology Society