Book reviewed in this article:

The Rising Tide—Archaeology and Coastal Landscape, ALAN ABERG & CARENZA LEWIS (Eds)

Exploitation and Management of Marshland Landscapes in North West Europe: the Transformation of Coastal Wetlands during Roman and Medieval Periods, STEPHEN RIPPON, TIMM WESKI

Boats of Bengal: Eighteenth century portraits by Balthazar Solvyns, ROBERT L. HARDGRAVE Jr., BASIL GREENHILL

Sacred and Secular: Ancient Egyptian Ships and Boats (AIA Monographs, New Series 5), CHERYL WARD, DILWYN JONES

Seafaring and Civilization: Maritime Perspectives on World History, PHILIP de SOUZA, SARAH ARENSON

Fundert Ostsee—Eine maritim-archäologische Zeitreise entlung der deutschen Ostseeküste, MAIK-JENS SPRINGMANN, WALDEMAR OSSOWSKI

The Art and Archaeology of Venetian Boats and Ships (Studies in Nautical Archaeology no. 5), LILLIAN RAY MARTIN, RICHARD BARKER

Economy and Exchange in the East Mediterranean during Late Antiquity. (Proceedings of a Conference at Somerville College, Oxford, 29th May, 1999), SEAN KINGSLEY, MICHAEL DECKER (Eds), CHERYL WARD

Raising the Dead: the Skeleton Crew of King Henry VIII's Great Ship, the Mary Rose, A. J. STIRLAND, COLIN MARTIN

A History of the Confederate Navy, RAIMONDO LURAGHI, ANDREW LAMBERT

The Piraeus, from the fifth to the first century BC, ROBERT GARLAND, DAVID BLACKMAN


A Dictionary of the World's Watercraft from Aak to Zumbra, THE MARINERS’ MUSEUM, OWAIN T. P. ROBERTS

Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks, J. RICHARD STEFFY, ERIC RIETH

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Das Schiff von Mahdia im Licht Moderner Natur—und Technikwissenschaft, WILFRED STECHER, CHERYL WARD

Gestrandet bei Uelvesbüll: Wrackarchäologie in Nordfriesland, HANS JOACHIM KÜHN, FREDERICK M. HOCKER