Book reviewed in this article:

Boats of the World—from the Stone Age to Medieval Times, SEAN McGRAIL

War, Technology and Experience aboard the USS Monitor, DAVID A. MINDELL, JOHN BROADWATER

The Phoenicians and the West: Politics, Colonies, and Trade (2nd edition), MARIA EUGENIA AUBET, LIONEL CASSON

England's Sea Fisheries: The Commercial Sea Fisheries of England and Wales since 1300, D. J. STARKEY, C. REID and, N. ASHCROFT (Eds), ADRIAN G. OSLER

The Bombay Country Ships 1790–1833, ANNE BULLEY, SEÁN McGRAIL

The Art of Dhow-building in Kuwait, YA'QUB YUSUF AL-HIJJI, DAVID GODDARD


The Lost City of Dvaraka, S. R. RAO, KENNETH McPHERSON

Debating the Archaeological Heritage, ROBIN SKEATES, DELLA SCOTT-IRETON

The Lowland Wetlands of Cumbria (NWW Survey no 6), D. HODGKINSON, E. HUCKERBY, R. MIDDLETON and, C. E. WELLS, R. W. COWELL

Medieval Naval Warfare 1000–1500, SUSAN ROSE, ERIC RIETH

The Wreck of the Belle—the Ruin of La Salle, ROBERT S. WEDDLE

Hin føroyski rórarbáturin: Sjómentir Fsroyingar I edri ti (ASSF supplement XVVI), ANDRAS MORTENSEN, MORTEN GØTHCHE

Maritime Tel Michal and Apollonia. Results of the 1989–1996 underwater survey (BAR International Series 915), EVA GROSSMANN, CHERYL WARD

Warships of the Great Lakes, 1754–1834, ROBERT MALCOLMSON

Lords of the Lake—The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812–1814, ROBERT MALCOLMSON, ANDREW LAMBERT

Down the River to the Sea (Eighth International Symposium on Boat & Ship Archaeology, Gdansk 1997), JERZY LITWIN (Ed.), JEREMY GREEN