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Books reviewed:

HORST NOWACKI and MATTEO VALLERIANI (eds), Shipbuilding Practice and Ship Design Methods from the Renaissance to the 18th Century—a Workshop Report

MARK W. HOLLEY, The Artificial Islets/Crannogs of the Central Inner Hebrides

ALEX G. C. HALE, Scottish Marine Crannogs

EUAN W. MACKIE, The Roundhouses, Brochs and Wheelhouses of Atlantic Scotland c.700 BC–AD 500. Architecture and Material Culture. Part 1: The Orkney and Shetland Isles

YACOUB YOUSEF AL-HIJJI, VASSILIOS CHRISTIDES and others (eds), Aspects of Arab Seafaring. An Attempt to Fill in the Gaps of Maritime History

DIONISIUS A. AGIUS, In the Wake of the Dhow: the Arabian Gulf and Oman

ERIK GILBERT, Dhows and the Colonial Economy of Zanzibar

MADELEINE J. DONACHIE, Household Ceramics at Port Royal, Jamaica, 1655–1692

EDWINA BOULT, Christian's Fleet: A Dorset Shipping Tragedy

SUSANNE MULLER-WIERING, Segeltuch und Emballage: Textilien in Mittalterlichen Warentransport auf Nord- und Ostsee (English summary and captions)

ELENA FLAVIA CASTAGNINO BERLINGHIERI, The Aeolian Islands: Crossroads of Mediterranean Maritime Routes. A Survey of their Maritime Archaeology and Topography from the Prehistoric to the Roman Periods

STEFANO BRUNI (ed.), Le Navi Antiche di Pisa: ad un Anno dall’ Inizio delle Ricerche

ULRICH SCHAAFF, Münzen der Römischen Kaiserzeit mit Schiffsdarstellungen im Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseum

LAWRENCE W. MOTT, Sea Power in the Medieval Mediterranean: the Catalan-Aragonese Fleet in the War of the Sicilian Vespers

OLWYN OWEN, MAGNAR DALLAND, and others, Scar: A Viking Boat Burial on Sanday, Orkney

NICHOLAS TRACY and MARTIN ROBSON (eds), The Age of Sail: The International Annual of the Historic Sailing Ship, Vol. 2

HEINRICH CLEMENS KONEN, Classis Germanica: Die Römische Rheinflotte im 1–3 Jahrhundert n. Chr.

ANDREW PEARSON, The Construction of the Saxon Shore Forts

ANDREW PEARSON, The Roman Shore Forts: Coastal Defences of Southern Britain

VARIOUS AUTHORS, Bilan Scientifique du Département des Recherches Archéologiques Subaquatiques et Sous-Marines 1998, 1999 and 2002

COLIN BREEN and WES FORSYTHE, Boats and Shipwrecks of Ireland

UWE SCHNALL, URSULA FELDKAMP, ERIK HOOPS (eds), Deutsches Schiffahrtsarchiv no. 23 (2000)

D. FINAMORE (ed.), Maritime History as World History

JOHN D. HARBRON, Trafalgar and the Spanish Navy: the Spanish Experience of Sea Power

SCOTT M. FITZPATRICK (ed.), Voyages of Discovery—The Archaeology of Islands

LAURENT JACQUES COSTA, Corse Préhistorique: Peuplement d’une Île et Modes de Vie des Sociétes Insulaires

BRIAN LAVERY, Nelson's Fleet at Trafalgar