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Books reviewed:

G. F. BASS, S. D. MATTHEWS, J. R. STEFFY, and F. H. VAN DOORNINCK Jr, Serçe Limanı: an Eleventh-Century Shipwreck. Volume I: The Ship and its Anchorage, Crew, and Passengers

YAACOV KAHANOV and ELISHA LINDER, The Ma’agan Mikhael Ship. The Recovery of a 2400-Year-Old Merchantman. Final Report Volume II

HORST NOWACKI, Archimedes and Ship Stability

HORST NOWACKI and LARRIE D. FERREIRO, Historical Roots of the Theory of Hydrostatic Stability of Ships


VICKI CUMMINGS and CHRIS FOWLER (eds), The Neolithic of the Irish Sea: Materiality and Traditions of Practice

JOHAN HENRIK SCHREINER, Two Battles and Two Bills: Marathon and the Athenian Fleet

ALEC TILLEY, Seafaring on the Ancient Mediterranean: New Thoughts on Triremes and Other Ancient Ships

DAVID J. P. MASON, Roman Britain and the Roman Navy

R. A. HOUSLEY and G. COLES (eds), Atlantic Connections and Adaptations. Economies, Environments and Subsistence in Lands Bordering the North Atlantic

JOHAN RÖNNBY (ed.), By the Water: Archaeological Perspectives on Human Strategies around the Baltic Sea


JOHN HINES, ALAN LANE and MARK REDKNAP (eds), Land Sea and Home: Proceedings of a Conference on Viking Period Settlement

BENJAMIN HUDSON, Viking Pirates and Christian Princes: Dynasty, Religion, and Empire in the North Atlantic

GREGORY G. MONKS (ed.), The Exploitation and Cultural Importance of Sea Mammals

UWE SCHALL, URSULA FELDKAMP, ERIK HOOPS, Deutsches Schiffahrtsarchiv No. 26 (2003)

PATRICE POMEY and ÉRIC RIETH, L’Archéologie Navale

FRANCISCO CONTENTE DOMINGUES, Os Navios do Mar Oceano. Teoria e Empiria na Arquitectura Naval Portuguesa dos séculos XVI e XVII

FILIPE VIEIRA de CASTRO, The Pepper Wreck: a Portuguese Indiaman at the Mouth of the Tagus River

ALEX HILDRED (ed.), Report on the Excavation of the Dutch East Indiaman Vliegent Hart

JOHN ROBSON, The Captain Cook Encyclopaedia

MYRA STANBURY and JEREMY GREEN (eds), Lapérouse and the Loss of the Astrolabe and the Boussole (1788): Reports of the 1986 and 1990 Investigations of the Shipwrecks at Vanikoro, Solomon Islands

MICHEL DAEFFLER, Formes de Carène et Navires de Combat: L’invention du Vaisseau de Ligne en Angleterre (1560–1642)

NICHOLAS BLAKE, Steering to Glory: a Day in the Life of a Ship of the Line

SPENCER TUCKER, Stephen Decatur—‘A Life Bold and Daring’

SARAH C. WOLFE, Naval Edged Weapons in the Age of Fighting Sail 1775–1865

RICHARD TUFFIN, GREG JACKMAN and JULIA CLARK (eds), A Harbour Large Enough to Admit a Whole Fleet: The Maritime History and Archaeology of Port Arthur

ALASTAIR R. WALKER, Stroma Yoles: their construction and development

JANE DOWNES and ANNE RITCHIE, Sea Change: Orkney and Northern Europe in the Later Iron Age AD 300–600

MARINELLA PASQUINUCCI and TIMM WESKI, Close Encounters: Sea- and Riverborne Trade, Ports and Hinterlands, Ship Construction and Navigation in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and in Modern Time

KLAUS BRAND and HANS JOACHIM KÜHN, Der Prahm aus dem Hafen von Haithabu. Beiträge zu Antiken und Mittelalterlichen Flachbodenschiffen

JAMES DODDS and JAMES MOORE, Building the Wooden Fighting Ship