Abstract— A cladogram of green plants involving all major extant groups of green algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, and seed plants is presented. It is partly based on contributions by B. Mishler and S. Churchill, H. Wagner, and P. Crane. The relationships of green plants to other green organisms (Prochloron, euglenophytes) are discussed. The characters and subclades of the cladogram are briefly discussed, with an attempt to indicate weak points. The possibility of including some major extinct groups is considered. A cladistic classification consistent with the cladogram is presented. Grades are abandoned as taxa and major clades like the division Chlorophyta (green algae excluding micro-monadophytes and charophytes sensu Mattox and Stewart), the division Streptophyta (charophytes + embryophytes), the subdivision Embryophytina (land plants or embryophytes), the superclass Tracheidatae (tracheophytes), and the class Spermatopsida (seed plants) are recognized.