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Hovenkamp's ostracized vicariance analysis: testing new methods of historical biogeography


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All methods currently employed in cladistic biogeography usually give contrasting results and are theoretically disputed. In two overlooked papers, Hovenkamp (1997, 2001) strongly criticized methods currently used by biogeographers and proposed two other methods. However, his criticisms have remained unanswered and his methods rarely applied. I used three different data sets to show the superiority of Hovenkamp's methods. Both methods proposed by Hovenkamp do not suffer from the unrealistic assumptions that underlie other methods commonly used in cladistic biogeography. The method proposed in 2001 is more powerful than the previous method published in 1997, because it does not use a priori assumptions about the areas involved. However, the method proposed in 1997 may be a valid alternative for large data sets.

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