Miocene Proboscidia from Baluchistan.



The Proboscidia of the Bugti beds of Baluchistan consist of form of Bunolophodon angustidens and a small Dinotherium.

The Indian B. angustidens is of a small type more primitive than the French forms from Sansan, nearer to Schlesinger's form subtapiroidea than his form typica, but not identical with it. Lydekker's subspecific name var. palceindica may be retained for the present until intermediate forms are found to occur. The genus Hemimastodon is not supported by material in the collection.

The Dinotherium is not found to differ from the smaller European forms nor from D. hobleyi of Africa, and it is doubtful in the present state of knowledge whether the Indian Dinotheres are separable from the European.