Microscopical and Bacteriological Investigation of the Water in the Society's Aquarium


  • Flaxney P. Stowell B.Sc., Ph.D., A.I.C.,

  • Vernon J. Clancey A.R.C.S., B.Sc.


  • 1The micro-biological conditions existing i n the sea and fresh water circulations of t h e Aquaxiinn have been investigated, and t h e efficiency demonstrated of filtration and storage for the removal of micro-organisms (other than bacteria). By for the largest proportion of the organisms exist in the idgal and fungal growths lining the sides and out, flows of the show-tanks.
  • 2The success of the purification methods employed in the Aquarium is also shown by the raduction in the total number of bacteria passing from t h e show-tanks through the circulation.
  • 3Bacteriologi-al investigation reveals the fact that dark storage is responsible for the elimination of 66 per cent. of the ordinary bacteria and 97 percent of the so called “blood-heat” organisms and bacteria of the human intestinal type.