On the Anatomy of the Trematode Hypoderœum conoideum Bloch, 1782, together with Attemps at Elucidating the Life-cycles of Two other Digenetic Trematodes


  • *Communicated by Prof. R. Douglas Laurie, M.A., F.Z.S.


  • I The morphology, anatomy, and histology of Hypoderœum conoideum Bloch is described in detail, including an account of the experimental infestation of ducklings with the encysted worms.
  • II A variation in the number of circumoral spines is accounted for by the suggestion that possibly all the cercariæ developing from a single miracidium exhibit this same variation.
  • III The cyst of Cercaria cambrensis I., Wright, has been obtained by the experimental infestation of tadpoles, and these cysts, and also those of Cercaria limbifera Seifert fed to ducklings with negative results.
  • IV  Cercaria pygocytophora Brown has been recorded as occurring in Lymncea pereger and L. palustris.