The Spawning, Voice, and Sexual Behaviour of Bombina variegata variegata



  • 1Females not ready for mating usually avoid the proximity of males. If seized release takes place by the weakening of the male impulse to grip, which follows a contraction of her body and a crawling movement. The duration of the amplexus is “voluntarily” controlled by the female, an adaptation to the method of oviposition.
  • 2Sex recognition is effected not by sight or by chemical sense, but by two voices and a postural reaction possessed by the males and the atoutness of the figure of the female.
  • 3Two voices are recorded in the female, one, corresponding to the male call-note, and probably a sexual stimulant, and another corresponding to one of the male warning voices, which induces temporary release reactions on his part, thus assisting attainment of correct amplexus position.
  • 4The actions of the unmated male in seeking the female consist of an alternation of calling and searching. The female's reactions are described.