On the Structure of Larvæ of Hispine Beetles.—III


  • S. Maulik M.A., F.Z.S.


  • 1The structure of the immature stages shows clearly that the genus Platyauchenia should be removed from the Cassidinæ and put in the Hispinæ.
  • 2The head, though of a true miner, does not show any of the types of structure previously recorded as belonging to a miner.
  • 3The mouth-parts have become greatly simplified.
  • 4The last segment of the abdomen belongs to one of the types described as occurring among the Hispinæ, and they do not show any of the typical abdominal modifications of the Cassidine larvæ.
  • 5The last pair of spiracles open laterally, a modification which has not been previously recorded in the Hispinæ.