On Architeuthis clarkei, a new Species of Giant Squid, with Observations on the Genus



  • 1Architeuthis clarkei, a new species of Giant Squid, is described from a specimen stranded in January 1933 at Scarborough, Yorks. Its relation to the other species of the genus is discussed.
  • 2The distribution of the Giant Squids stranded or observed in the North Atlantic is described and discussed.
  • 3In order to account for the curious distribution of the records it is suggested that in the North Atlantic Architeuthis finds its optimum conditions in temperate waters and that it occurs in moderately deep water off the United States coasts. The frequency of strandings on the coast of Newfoundland might be due to the fact that the animals come near the surface as the deeper layers of the north east-going current are chilled, and get into difficulties owing to the rapid gradient from warm to cold water off the Grand Banks. The wider distribution off the north-west coasts etc. of Europe fits in with this suggestion.
  • 4It is suggested, on the strength of the structure of the fins, arms, adhesive apparatus etc., that Architeuthis is a sluggish animal, comparing unfavourably with Sthenoteuthis and the smaller squids in point of activity.