• 1
    The coral faunas of these extreme ends of the Indo-Pacific area differnotably,e.g., in the predominance of Pavoniide and reduction of Astræide in Tahiti.
  • 2
    The reduced building power of individual Astræans of Tahiti is not found in the Red Sea.
  • 3
    Excessive variability and confusion of species in Tahitian collections, especially of Lobophyllia, Leptastrea, and Herpetolitha, does not occur in the Red Sea.
  • 4
    Growth-form is a specific character in some corals, but seven distinct forms of growth in the genus Echinopora are described, at least six of which belong to the species E. gemmacea.
  • 5
    Evidence is given indicating the connection between the genera Echinopora, Orbicella, and Favia. The two former genera are very closely related.