The Subcutaneous Venous System of the Common Dogfish, Scyliorhinus [Scylliwm] caniculus (L).



  • 1This paper describes the subcutaneous venous system of Scyliorhinus (Scyllium) caniculus, the Common Dogfish. Previously no complete account of this system appears to have been given for any Selachian.
  • 2Practically the whole surface of the animal is covered by a dense network of veins.
  • 3In the trunk and tail these superficial networks drain into dorsal, ventral, and lateral longitudinal vessels.
  • 4In the pharyngeal region the superficial networks are connected directly to the underlying venous sinuses.
  • 5The veins of the fins are connected to the cutaneous venous system.
  • 6Immediately below the skin lining the mouth and pharynx are the bucco-pharyngeal networks of veins. They cover both the dorsal and ventral walls of these cavities, and drain into the principal sinuses of the anterior part of the fish. Posteriorly they are continuous with a fine plexus of vessels surrounding the esophagus. Only the dorsal bucco-pharyngeal vessels have been previously described.